Why should quality children's activities join KalliKids?

Why join KalliKids?

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A KalliKids tick of approval tells parents that they can trust you, and choose you as a provider for their children.

When choosing activities for their children, parents want accreditation. The first thing they look for after value for money is accredited supervision that they can trust (and for many parents, it’s even more important than value for money).

KalliKids is the UK’s first and best national accreditation scheme for quality children’s activities and services.

We help parents find you

Not only do we help parents find providers they can trust, but we make it easy for them to find you.

Every week, thousands of parents search for and choose trusted providers through our site and local Facebook pages. As a member, they’ll find you – helping to grow your business.

As a member of KalliKids we promote your business to parents three key ways:
  • Through search by postcode and/or activity on our site.
  • By promoting local events and offers in our monthly newsletter.
  • Through our social media sites.  
“I'm delighted to report that whatever you're doing is working really well. I now have as many pupils as I want and am having to turn people away!” Steph, children's tutor in Brighton

Who else has joined KalliKids?

Already over 1,000 providers of children's activities and services around the UK are accredited by KalliKids – and the number is growing daily.

Our providers include single tutors, large swim and dance schools, adventure parks, multiple franchise networks and national businesses such as Barracudas and Bright Horizons nurseries.

Join now for the price of a coffee!

We have three pricing plans to choose from, starting at just £13 a month (the cost of a coffee each week!).

You may also be eligible for a regional-leader discount find out here.

For thousands of parents around the UK, KalliKids is the go-to place to find activities, events, classes and places to visit with their children.

And if you’re not on there, they won’t find you!

So join today and make sure parents can find and trust you – before your competitors do!


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What do activity providers say?


Feedback 2015


"Daisy First Aid loves Kallikids, Enabling parents the ability to add reviews independently means that our testimonials are trusted and as a business we get honest feedback. Being approved by Kallikids gives parents the confidence and surety that all our trainers are qualified and insured. Kallikids is a really friendly company that has a great business structure and is expanding radically. We are very proud to be associated with Kalikids."

Jenni Dunman, Daisy First Aid


“I am delighted with KalliKids service. Not only are they super efficient and friendly it really does work! Many of my clients come through KalliKids as parents do read the testimonials. Thank you KallliKids.”

Margarita Bennett, Founder of Belly Bloom & Belly Buster


"The Kallikids giveaway promotion was a total success for SquidKids. The positive feedback and comments we received were simply wonderful and our twitter following grew considerably. We would recommend it to everyone. The Kallikids team are also wonderful to work with, super helpful and efficient. Big thanks from us all at SquidKids!"

Emma-Jayne, Co Founder of SquidKids